Sunday, October 27, 2013

Throwback! Candy Corn Math Mountains!

I Know I have been the worst at posting since school has started! I don't know how all you ladies do it! My district requires we write all our lesson plans which takes literally all my free time. But here is a lovely post about a Halloween Math Lesson I created while I was student teaching in third grade :) But it is definitely applicable to 2nd grade as well :)

You take a 3 slotted plate that acts as your "math mountain" and you solve the math mountain story problems :) I have already done it with my second grade kiddos and they loved it! You can use the blank page to create your own math mountain problems~

To buy this activity click here. Such a fun Halloween Math Activity! Enjoy! 

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Five 4 Friday + First Week Recap

Oh my goodness! This poor blog of mine has been oh so deprived. But I am back! I had a wonderful vacation and started school on Wednesday!! Wow! AND I have to brag because I have the BEST class this year! They really are the sweetest bunch of students and I am so happy :) :)  Well I created many things this past week for my room so my Five for Friday will be a little bit about that!

{1} I created these lovelies and stuck them on my students composition notebooks :) They turned out really cute! The subject labels are now on TPT and can be located here.
{2} My Brother came out to visit! It is so fun having family in town!
{3} I found the cutest yarn that I put put on a banner I used for my daily 5 bulletin board!
{4} I put up this fun polka dot fabric and it all turned out really cute!
{5} I discovered this little gem. It is an app that you can use to create your own classroom library. 
 I am going to use it in my room to let my students check out books from my room. It is really awesome! You scan all your books using your smartphone and then you can have your own digital library system! I am going to undertake the insane task of scanning all my books... I am super excited!

Well everyone I hope you all have a wonderful first day of school if you haven't had it already! Cheers!
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Teacher Blog Tuesday!

So I have not posted in what seems like FOREVER! I decided I was going to take a serious break until school started :) I have gotten so many projects done in my house! My next post will be showing you all the things I've done! So seriously stay tuned! Also I plan on blogging more consistently mid-August! Don't give up on me :)

So this lovely lady...
Is featuring my blog! To learn more about me visit her blog @ Common to the Core! Oh and don't forget to stay tuned for all my crazy summer projects!
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Liebster Award!!

Hello Friends! I am so excited to be nominated for the Liebster award from lovely Autumn over at First Grade Teacher Lady! She is a real sweetheart and is getting married this week! Can't believe she has time to blog!! That is incredible!

The Liebster Award is given to recognize new blogs and a welcome into the blogging community. It is my pleasure to accept this award as well as Pay it Forward.

To accept this award I must:

1. Link back to the blog that nominated me
2. Nominate 5-11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers
3. Answer the questions posted for you by your nominator
4. Share 11 random facts about yourself
5. Create 11 questions for your nominees
6. Contact your nominees and let them know you nominated them

Questions for me to Answer :)

1. What is your favorite read aloud story?
I don't know if I have an absolute favorite but I recently read Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and the kids totally loved it!
2. Who is an influential person in your life and why?
My dad is my hero. He is the smartest and sweetest person I know. I used to always say if I could marry someone like my dad I would be doing pretty good :) Luckily I have a really great husband as well!
3. Shoes, Purses, or Accessories?
Definitely SHOES! Can't get enough shoes!
4. Movie Star Crush?
Well I am a bachelor/bachelorette fan and currently I am lovin Zach & Drew! 
5. What is your best management tool in your class?
I use an awesome system that is sort of hard to describe. We call them our "donut rods" I am planning on dedicating an entire post on them soon :) Stay tuned!
6. When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?
Actually I decided I wanted to be a teacher as a Junior in college. I was going to be a graphic art major but.... was never fully set on it. After taking an introduction to education course I knew the classroom was where I needed to be :) I love the kiddos!
7. Instagram or Flickr?
Actually I don't have a smartphone and I use neither! Ah! 
8. Coke or Pepsi?
Again I have to say neither! I don't really love the stuff and I'm not really a soda drinker!
9. What is your favorite pen to use?
I love these lovelies!
10. Iphone or Android?
I must say Iphone. My husband and I are definitely an Apple family :)
11. What is your favorite food?
I love mexican food. I also love cinnamon rolls!

11 Random Facts about ME!
1. I am only 5 foot 1! 
2. I can not raise my eyebrows!
3. My favorite ice cream is banana
4. I still have two baby teeth!
5. I play the piano & sing
6. I compose my own original music :)
7. I hate spagetti!
8. My favorite color is red & I also love pink!
9. I am loving this song and George Barnett is amazing.
10. I love red hair. I want red headed children :)
11. I LOVE to travel!

Questions for you to answer :)

1. Who is your hero and why?
2. What is your best management tool?
3. What is an activity you do during the first week of school?
4. Do you play any musical instruments?
5. What is your favorite subject to teach and why?
6. Where would you take an all-expense paid vacation??
7. What advice would you give a first year teacher?
8. What are your favorite blogs to read?
9. What are you doing when you are not blogging/teaching?
10. Favorite easy recipe to make :)
11. When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?

My Nominees Are....

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

FREE Patriotic Font :)

Happy Early 4th of July! Here is a fun little font I created for you :) Please Enjoy! You can use this product commercially as long as you credit it back to me! Thanks :)

You can find this font HERE

Happy 4th everyone!!!
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Sara!! You will be receiving an email from yours truly :) Thank you everyone who are now following this blog :) So glad I can  be apart of the blogging world!

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Saturday, June 29, 2013


Hello World!
SO I decided to link up with this lovely lady for my very first time! Yay!

Now tell me... what is the etiquette for firework lighting? It is now 10:45 and my neighbors are still lighting them off... It isn't really bothering me because I'm obviously still awake!! Ha! But my poor sleeping neighbors!

Summer! Finished my last day of summer school Friday and loving every second of it!

This blogging thing is sure addicting! Love all you people! Thank you for following this new blogger!

My poor husband has to listen to my great list of wants.... All. The. Time. 
 But I really want a new lense for my camera, new carpet, and I want a bike!

I need some beach time. This could also go in the want section of this post. My husband would classify this as a want...

Tips and tricks :)
Okay so this is how I leave a link in a blogger comment... If any of you have found an easier way please let me know!

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